Old Pomorie Houses

Reserve “Old Pomorie Houses” is located near the beach, at the eastern end of the old part of Pomorie and presents the architecture and the specific elements of the houses on the beach. The buildings in the reserve are built in the nineteenth century. Pomorie typical house that tourists can see, walk through the cobblestone streets, it has two floors – stone ground floor and flimsy. The upper floor is lined with planking of pine planks and beech logs upon them, placed horizontally. The main reason to be inserted in this way is the climate – the blocks do not stop the penetration of moisture to the building. High ground floor is built of stone, as it houses the kitchen and utility rooms and warehouses. The gates are wide of the basement, to be able to enter and exit the car, loaded with goods, as ground floor was used for storage of wine and drying of fish and fishing nets. The wooden staircase leads to the lounge on the second floor. Are arranged around the gym room or parlor niches, each room were strictly defined functions. In rich Pomorie houses halls and rooms had artistic decoration on the ceilings and […]

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Salt Museum Pomorie

The only salt museum not only in Bulgaria but also in Eastern Europe, is located in the town of Pomorie, 20 km from Burgas. It opened on September 7, 2002 and is dedicated to the production of salt by solar evaporation of seawater. This method is known as “ancient Anhialo technology.” Extraction of salt near Pomorie is occupation, which for centuries has fed the local people. According to historic sources the salt pans near Pomorie existed even before the founding of the city (around the V century BC). In ancient times, salt was a valuable commodity – rare and expensive – and therefore was called “white gold.” The Salt Museum in Pomorie is a specialized outdoor museum – visitors can see both the museum building and the adjacent museum 20 acres saltpans, where salt is mined today. Saltpans are numerous swimming pools, separated from one another by darveno- dikes. There is produced salt on the same technology, which has produced centuries ago. The museum exhibition in the building presents the development of ancient technology for extraction of salt. Here you can see a rich collection of photographs from the early twentieth century and copies of documents from the period of […]

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